About an advertisement placed in my site

In my site, I use advertisement service of the third party delivery.
Such an advertisement delivery company may use information “Cookie” (a full name, an address, an e-mail address, the phone number are not included) about the access to our site and other sites to display the advertisement of a product and the service depending on the interest of the user.

About the access analysis tool which my site use

In my site, I use access analysis tool “Google hole re-Thich” by Google.
This Google hole re-Thich uses Cookie for collection of traffic data.
This traffic data is collected by anonymity and is not a thing identifying an individual.
Because this function is to invalidate Cookie and can refuse collection, please review the setting of the browser of the errand.

About the comment to my site

In my site, I record an IP address used in the case of comment as spam or correspondence.
I will not use This IP address other than spam, correspondence by a function supported as a standard function of the blog.

As for all comment, YU which is a manager identifies the contents beforehand, and approve that it becomes the publication on having approved it beforehand.