When we make sandwiches, we cut off the crust of bread.
But of course, we will not waste it♪

We make Rusk with it for snack!


It’s so easy and delicious!
And you can arrange the taste.

I like Kinako rusk!
Kinako is soybean flour.

It will be like Japanese confectionery if you put kinako♪


My best recommendation is cinnamon♪
I love that smell!

We only use sugar to taste this rusk, but it’s delicious.

And it’s really easy to make♪
Only 5 step!

Let’s make it now!


★Crust of brad ▶︎4 pieces
★Butter ▶︎1 tablespoon
★Sugar ▶︎2 tablespoons

How to make

① Cut the crust of bread into 1cm sized dice.

② Put butter in frying pan and when the butter melt, add ① and fry until it becomes crispy.

③ Add sugar in ② and fry it until sugar melt.

④ The sugar becomes hard, turn the heat off and take them out from the frying pan, and place them on plate.

⑤ Let ④ cool down.
It’s all done!


Cinnamon rusk is good, but cocoa rusk is also good♪

When you sprinkle cinnamon or cocoa powder, you can put them after you turn off the heat ( after ③ ).

It will be easier to sprinkle evenly if you have clean plastic bag.
You can just put cinnamon or cocoa powder ( or kinako if you have ) and rusk in plastic bag, and shake it♪


Try to make your own Rusk!