Let’s try to make Fried Rice with leftover rice today!


We use Japanese rice for this recipe.

But if you have only Jasmine rice, you can use it instead of Japanese rice.
Jasmine rice is more cut out for fried rice.


Leftover rice is not as tasty as freshly cooked rice, because when it gets cold the rice gets dry and a little hard.

But it’s good when you make fried rice!

And if you master basic way of making fried rice, you can arrange it with other vegetables you like and you can make it with your own recipe♪


In Japan, we call fried rice CHA-HAN.
This is our basic Cha-han recipe♪

It’s simple and easy.
Let’s make it now!


( 2 servings )

★Cooked rice ▶︎3 bowl of rice
★Frozen mixed vegetable ▶︎3 ~ 5 tablespoons
★Sausage ▶︎2
★Egg ▶︎2
★Oil ▶︎as needed ( to fry )
★Chicken flavour bouillon ▶︎1 tablespoon
★Salt and Pepper ▶︎a little ( to taste )

How to make

① Cut sausage into bite-sized pieces.

② Put oil in a frying pan and cook frozen mixed vegetable first, over medium heat.

③ When the frozen mixed vegetable cooked well, add sausage and fry them up until the liquid has been absorbed.

④ Beat eggs and put it in ③, and mix them well.

⑤ When ④ is mixed well, add cooked rice and chicken flavour bouillon, and mix well them again.
If you are worried about burning, you can make the heat low.

⑥ Check the taste and if you need more taste, add salt and pepper.

It’s all done!


I like Cha-han!

It’s easy and the meal looks a little deluxe with Cha-han.
And I can eat leftover rice deliciously!


Me too♪ I can be satisfied with just Cha-han♪