I have not eaten Omelet Rice recently!
Why don’t we make that today?


That’s a good idea♪
I want to eat Omelet rice too!


Have you tried Omelet Rice?

In Japan, we call the dish Omu-rice.
Omu-rice is made with rice seasoned with ketchup, butter and other ingredients wrapped inside the egg.


Omu-rice is very popular dish in Japan, and it’s one of the most favourite dish for children.

We are not kids!
But we like Omu-rice so much♪


And this is useful recipe for us!
Because we cook rice almost everyday so some cooked rice is left sometimes.

And we can make something like Omu-rice using such left over cooked rice!


If you have kids, they will like Omu-rice!
And you will too♪


It’s so easy!
Let’s try to make it now!


( 2 sevings )

★ Egg ▶︎4
★ Cooked rice ▶︎2 heaping bowl of rice
★ Onion ▶︎1/2
★ Carrot ▶︎1/2
★ Mushroom ▶︎2
★ Sausage ▶︎2
★ Butter ▶︎2 teaspoons
★ Oil ▶︎as needed ( to fly )
☆★ Chicken flavor bouillon ▶︎1 tablespoon
☆★ Ketchup ▶︎3 heaping tablespoons
☆★ Salt and Pepper ▶︎a little ( to taste )

How to make

① Chop the Onion, carrot and mushroom into small pieces. Slice the sausages.

② Put oil in pan, and stir fry ① over medium heat.

③ Add ☆★ ingredients ( chicken flavour bouillon, ketchup, salt and pepper ) in ②, and stir-fry.

④ Add butter in ③ and then put rice in it, and mix and cook them well.

⑤ Finish with salt and pepper to taste. If you want to put ketchup more, you can add more.

⑥ Divide the ⑥ for two and put it on plates.

⑦ Beat 2 eggs in a small bowl.
And make the pan warm and put oil in it.

Pour the egg in pan and quickly spread the egg, and make a round omelet.

⑧ Put the round omelet on ketchup rice one of ⑥, and put some ketchup on top of the egg just before serving.

⑩ Beat other 2 eggs and make one more round omelet and put it on another ketchup rice, and put some ketchup on it.

It’s all done!


You can draw kid’s name or heart sign on the egg with ketchup instead of just putting ketchup on it♪
It’s fun!