Let’s make milk pudding with only 3 ingredients!
This is really easy dessert.


You can make this milk pudding in 5 minutes, expect for time to make it cool!
Let’s take a look at how to make it now♪


★Milk ▶︎400cc ( 13.5 fl oz )
★Cornstarch ▶︎4 tablespoons
★Sugar ▶︎4 ~ 5 tablespoons

How to make

① Put milk, cornstarch and sugar in a pod and mix them well.

② Put a pod on the fire ( medium heat ) and stir it slowly.

③ After the boiling, lower the heat and stir with spoon for about 3 minutes.

④ Trun the heat off and leave it until it gets cooler.

⑤ Put ④ in cups and make them cool in refrigerator for 2 ~ 3 hours and it’s all done♪


It’s so easy, isn’t it?


If you boil it too much, the milk pudding will get a little hard.
It’s still good even if it gets hard, but if you like soft, be careful not to boil too much♪


If you use soy milk instead of milk, you can make healthy milk pudding!
And if you have vanilla extract, you can also put it!

I can’t wait to eat!


Me either♪