We were thinking what we could make for dessert today, and we made french toast!
It was very easy to make and so delicious!
So we would like to share this recipe with you.
Let’s make sweet and fluffy french toast together!


Don’t forget to make some coffee!


★Bread 8 pieces
★Egg 2
★Milk 160cc
★Suger 2~3 tablespoons
(if you put maple syrup on french toast, 2 tablespoons of sugar might be enough)
★Butter 1tablespoon or more (this is for cooking the bread)
(★Maple syrup as much as you want)

How to make

①Mix eggs, milk and sugar well in a bowl or big plastic container if you have.
(We didn’t want to use a lot of dishes, so we used a big container to make egg mixture and sop bread in it)

②Make 2 pairs of bread and cut them in half. You can make thick 8 french toast.
Dip bread in ① and turning to coat both sides evenly.

③Warm the frying pan with a low heat and put butter.
Once the butter melts, cook ② until browned with a cover.

④Flip the bread, cook the other side until browned.
Don’t forget the cover!

Dish the french toast on a plate, let’s eat before it gets cold!


Oh, wait!
Vanilla ice cream will goes well with this french toast!


Hot french toast and cold ice cream! Sounds very delicious!
Coffee is ready too!
It will be a perfect dessert time♪