Let’s make Japanese Paella today!
We call this dish “Takikomi Gohan” in Japanese.


We usually use bonito fish soup stock, cooking sake and sweet cooking rice wine for takikomi-gohan.
But we tried to make delicious takikomi-gohan without them!


We use homemade chicken soup for this recipe!
It’s easy to make.
You can make chicken soup with just boiling chicken drumstick.

Let’s take a look at how to make takikomi-gohan now!


★Rice ▶︎2 cups
★Chicken soup ▶︎2cups

Boil the chicken drumsticks in pod with a lot of water. Remove the chicken fat sometimes and add water when the water get low. Boil the chicken over 1 hour!
You can use the chicken for other dish.
You can make more thick chicken soup, if you boil the chicken bone after you break up the chicken meat.

★Baby carrot ▶︎5 ~ 8 pieces
★Mushroom ▶︎2
★Salt ▶︎1/2 teaspoon
★Soy sauce ▶︎1tablespoon
★Sugar ▶︎1 tablespoon

How to make

① Wash the rice and then soak the rice in water for 30 minutes.

② Cut the baby carrots and mushroom into small pieces.

③ After 30 minutes, drain the water of ① and put baby carrots, mushroom, salt, sugar, soy sauce and chicken soup in ①.
Stir it a little and cook the rice!


Just wait until the rice finish cooking♪
It’s so easy, isn’t it?


You can try this recipe with other vegetables or you can put more vegetables in it!
Potato, corn .. anything you want to try♪
It will be good, if you put chicken meat in it.

Enjoy your “Takikomi-Gohan”