Let’s make Okonomiyaki today!
Okonomiyaki is savory pancake with various ingredients.


Each family has a different ingredients to put in Okonomiyaki.
The popular ingredients are cabbage, sliced pork back ribs, squid, egg, tempura bits, Chinese yam, etc,,,

But you don’t have to put all of them!
And you can put anything in your Okonomiyaki!


We made our Okonomiyaki with only two kinds vegetables this time.
Let’s take a look at how to make it!


★All-purpose flour ▶︎10 tablespoons
★Egg ▶︎1
★Mayonaise ▶︎1 tablespoon
★Water ▶︎120 cc ( 4 fl oz )
★Soy sauce ▶︎1 tablespoon
★Salt ▶︎1teaspoon
☆Cabbage ▶︎150g
☆Onion ▶︎1
★☆oil ▶︎as needed ( to fry )

How to make

① Put ★ ingredients ( flour, egg, mayonnaise, water, soy sauce, salt ) in a big bawl and mix them well.

② Cut cabbage and onion into long thin strips, and put them in ①, and mix them well.

③ Heat the frying pan over medium heat and oil to the frying pan.
Put a ladleful of the mixture onto it when the frying pan is hot enough.
Lower the heat to avoid too much burn and wait until one side is well cooked.

If you want to put sliced pork or squid or shrimp or some meat, you can put onto the okonomiyaki now.

④ Turn it over with a wide turner and wait until the other side is cooked.
It will take about 10 minutes with low heat.


If you want more taste, you can put mayonnaise onto the cooked okonomiyaki.


We have Okonomiyaki sauce in Japan. So we put Okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise onto the okonomiyaki.
The sauce makes the okonomiyaki so delicious!
If you put some dried bonito and green laver, it will be the perfect okonomiyaki.


We don’t have the sauce or dried bonito now.
But it’s still good♪

Try this okonomiyaki with other ingredients you like and enjoy your home-made okonomiyaki♪