You can make chewy crape only with 2 ingredients♪
Make crape and put anything you like in the crape!


Today’s our lunch menu is Mayo ( mayonnaise ) chicken crape


We will introduce you how to make Mayo chicken, but you can change inside!

For example, we don’t use pork but, you can put cheese and bacon or sausage.
It will be good! And it’s more easy♪
( Cook bacon or sausage before you wrap them with crape )


You can put anything you like!

Let’s take a look at how to make it♪


~ crape ~

★All-purpose flour ▶︎5 tablespoons
★Milk ▶︎6 tablespoons
★Butter ▶︎as needed ( to fry )

~ inside ~

Boiled wing stick ▶︎1
Boiled egg ▶︎1
★Mayonnaise ▶︎2 tablespoons
★Ketchup ▶︎1 tablespoon
★Salsa sauce ▶︎1 tablespoon
★Sugar ▶︎1 teaspoon
★Salt ▶︎1/4 teaspoon

We are going to use boiled chicken and eggs for dinner, so we boiled some chicken and eggs and used one of them.

How to make

① Mix crape ingredients ( flour, milk ) first.

② Flake boiled chicken meat, separate the white and yolk of an egg.
Smash yolk and stir in a bowl and cut the white into small pieces.

Mix yolk, mayonnaise, ketchup, salsa sauce, sugar and salt very well.
And then add the white and chicken.

③ Trun the heat on ( low heat ) and rub a little bit butter in frying pan.

Pour a thin layer of mixture of ①, and make thin crape shape in frying pan.

④ Cook ③ for 60 ~ 90 seconds, turn over and cook the other side for 60 ~ 90 seconds.

⑤ Put ② on crape and wrap, place it on a plate and it’s all done♪


If you want to put cheese and bacon or sausage, cook or microwave bacon or sausage first.
And then put it with cheese on crape, wrap and cook until the cheese melt♪

About not using pork

We introduce recipes without Pork.

But we know pork is good for you!
It’s just not our favourite.
So you can try our recipes with pork or sausage, instead of beef or chicken♪

Try and arrange our recipes with foods you have in your refrigerator!
You might find good combination♪