We will introduce how to make home made chewy pasta today!


You can keep the pasta in freezer.
So you can make only pasta when you have time!
And you can eat delicious homemade pasta anytime♪


★All-purpos flour ▶︎400g
★Largish egg ▶︎1
★Water ▶︎320cc ( about 11 fl oz )
★Salt ▶︎1 teaspoon

How to make

① Mix egg, water and salt very well.

② Put all-purpose flour in a big bowl and add 3/4 of ① ( leave a little ).

③ Mix ② with folk or hand in a circular motion.
It will be like the picture below.

And then make it more small pieces with your fingers.

④ Knead the dough until it smooth and hard.
Add rest of “egg water of ②” here.

We kneaded for 10 ~ 15 minutes!

▶︎ ▶︎

⑤ Make ④ into a ball form.


But it doesn’t need to be perfect ball!

The picture on the right is back of the dough.

⑥ Wrap the dough in plastic and put it in refrigerator for over 1 hour.

⑦ After 1 hour, sprinkle some flour on chopping board.

Divide the dough into 2 ~ 4 even and roll into thin.

Cut it into long thin strips or you can cut into rectangle and make Farfalle! ( pasta like ribbon : picture on the right )

⑧ Sprinkle flour on pasta and boil it with a lot of water ( pasta 200g : water 2L ) for 2 ~ 3 minutes.


Pour the sauce you like over the pasta and toss well to mix.
It’s all done♪


If you keep some in freezer, put the pasta in plastic container.
When you boil, you can boil a little longer. ( 3 ~ 5 minutes )