Let’s try to make Homemade Cream pasta today♪


When you read the recipe, you might feel you have to do so many things.
But once you get used to make one, you will be surprised how you can make homemade pasta easy!

Let’s enjoy cooking together♪


~ Pasta ~

★All-purpose flour ▶︎10 tablespoons
★Large size egg ▶︎1
★Salt ▶︎1/4 teaspoon
★Olive oil ▶︎1 teaspoon
☆Water ▶︎2L
☆Salt ▶︎about 1 tablespoon and 1/4 teaspoon, or less

~ Cream sauce ~

★Mushroom ▶︎3
★Celery ▶︎1 piece
★Butter ▶︎1 tablespoon
★All-purpose flour ▶︎2 tablespoons
★Milk ▶︎300cc ( 10 fl oz ) or more : adjust as you like
★Cheese ▶︎as much as you want
★Beef bouillon cube ▶︎1
★Soy sauce ▶︎1 teaspoon
★Salt and Pepper ▶︎a little ( to taste : 1/4 teaspoon or less )

How to make


Let’s make pasta first!

① Mix all pasta ingredients in a bowl and make them together.
Knead it until the dough becomes smooth.

And wrap it in plastic and rest it for over 30 minutes.

② Prepare for water to boil pasta♪
Put 2L of water and salt in pot, heat it over high heat.


Let’s make cream sauce♪

③ Cut mushroom and celery into small pieces.
Turn the heat on medium and put butter in frying pan.
Stir-fry mushroom and celery until they are well cooked.

④ Change the heat to low and add all-purpose flour, mix and stir-fry for about 5 minutes.

Add milk little by little while stirring.
Once you put all milk, add beef bouillon cube and simmer until bouillon cube melt and the sauce gets thick.

You can smash the bouillon cube if it doesn’t melt.

⑤ Add soy sauce, salt and pepper.
Check the taste and adjust as you like.

Trun the heat off.


Go back to pasta♪

⑥ Put flour on chopping board and make ① very thin with rolling pin, and cut.
If you don’t have a rolling pin, you can use plastic wrap!

⑦ Boil the pasta with ② for 2 ~ 3 minutes.

⑧ Trun the heat on of ⑤ and warm the cream sauce.
Add boiled pasta and cheese, toss well to mix.

Check the taste and adjust with salt and pepper.


It’s all done♪

About not using pork

We introduce recipes without Pork.

But we know pork is good for you!
It’s just not our favourite.
So you can try our recipes with pork or sausage, instead of beef or chicken♪

Try and arrange our recipes with foods you have in your refrigerator!
You might find good combination♪