Let’s make Chicken Nanban today!

Chicken Nanban is 『 Fried chicken in Japanese sweet sauce with Tartare sauce 』.
This is really popular in Japan.


I love this dish!

Usually, we deep fry Chicken when we make Chicken Nanban.
I know deep fried foods are delicious, but they have a lot of calories.

So we try not to use too much oil for this recipe!


Let’s take a look at how to make it now♪


★Chicken breast meat ▶︎about 300g
★All-purpose flour ▶︎as needed ( about 3 ~ 5 tablespoons )
★Egg ▶︎1
★Another all-purpose flour ▶︎as needed ( about 3 ~ 5 tablespoons )

~ Japanese sweet sauce ~

☆Sugar ▶︎2 tablespoons
☆Ketchup ▶︎1 and 1/2 tablespoons
☆Soy sauce ▶︎1/2 tablespoon
☆Corn starch ▶︎1 teaspoon
☆Salt and Pepper ▶︎a little ( to taste : about 1/8 teaspoon or less )

※ Usually, we put vinegar in this sauce, but we don’t use it for this recipe.

~ Easy Tartare sauce without onion and vinegar ~

★☆Boiled egg ▶︎2
★☆Mayonnaise ▶︎3 tablespoons
★☆Water ▶︎2 teaspoons
★☆Salt and Pepper ▶︎a little ( to taste : 1/6 teaspoon or less )

How to make

① Cut the chicken breast meat into bite-size.

② Cover ① with all-purpose flour ▶︎ beaten egg ▶︎ all-purpose flour.

③ Let’s make Japanese sweet sauce♪
Mix ☆ ingredients ( sugar, ketchup, soy sauce, corn starch, salt, pepper ) in a bowl.

④ Let’s make tartare sauce♪

Cut boiled eggs into half and separate white and yolk.

Smash yolk in a bowl and chop white into small pieces.
Mix white, water and mayonnaise with yolk and add salt and pepper to taste, mix them well.

⑤ Turn the heat on and oil the frying pan, place chicken of ② and fry with over medium heat until golden brown. ( about 5 ~ 10 minutes )

⑥ Trun over the chicken and fry the other side with over low heat, with a cover. ( about 8 ~ 10 minutes )

⑦ Add Japanese sweet sauce of ③ to ⑥.

Cover the chicken with sauce and stir fry a little.

⑧ Serve and you are done♪


Don’t forget to put tartare sauce on top of the chicken!

About not using pork

We introduce recipes without Pork.

But we know pork is good for you!
It’s just not our favourite.
So you can try our recipes with pork or sausage, instead of beef or chicken♪

Try and arrange our recipes with foods you have in your refrigerator!
You might find good combination♪