Let’s make Japanese Rolled Omelet today!

We call this dish ” Tamago-yaki ” in Japanese.
Tamago-yaki is one of the side dish that we can find in almost all Bento box.


Bentō is parable meals we can buy at stores or home-packed meal usually packed in a special container.
It’s common in Japanese cuisine.


And Tamago-yaki is also one of the popular typical dishes at home.
Most families have their own favourite recipes of Tamago-yaki.

Today, we are going to make substantial Tamago-yaki!
It’s filling and tasty♪


Let’s take a look at how to make it!
It’s easy♪


★Egg ▶︎3
★Ground beef ▶︎30g
★Oil ▶︎as needed ( to fry )
★☆Salt ▶︎1/3 teaspoon
★☆Soy sauce ▶︎1 teaspoon
★☆Pepper ▶︎a little ( 1/4 teaspoon or less )

How to make

① Beaten eggs a bowl.
We put ground beef in it later, so not too small.

② Put oil in frying pan and stir fry ground beef until the meat colour change to brown on medium heat.

③ Season ② with ★☆ ingredients ( salt, soy sauce, pepper ) and cook a little.

④ Put ③ in ① and mix them.

⑤ Pour 2/3 of ④ in frying pan and move it around to cover the frying pan.

⑥ Roll ⑤ into a log shape from the right or left side.
Roll it when the bottom side is cooked but the top is still soft.

⑦ Pour in all of ④ in frying pan.
Lift the previously Tamago-yaki to spread the egg mixture underneath it.

⑧ Roll it again like ⑥ when the bottom side is cooked, but top is soft.

⑨ Cook ⑧ with a cover for about 5 minutes, until inside of Tamago-yaki is cooked through.


Cut it into good size to eat, and it’s all done♪


We put this Tamago-yaki in Bento box♪
It’s a good side dish!

About not using pork

We introduce recipes without Pork.

But we know pork is good for you!
It’s just not our favourite.
So you can try our recipes with pork or sausage, instead of beef or chicken♪

Try and arrange our recipes with foods you have in your refrigerator!
You might find good combination♪