How do I cook the chicken to make it soft?


I know how to do that♪
Let’s make chicken soup and chicken tomato sauté to know how today!

When you overcook chicken, it becomes hard and not so good.
But what we try this time is very easy!

And you can make chicken soup at the same time♪


You can make soft chicken faster if you have a pressure cooker.
But it takes time if you don’t have it.

But don’t worry♪

Even if you don’t have enough time to make everything, you can just make soft chicken and you can rest the chicken in refrigerator until you can start cooking again♪


~ Chicken soup ~

★Chicken legs ▶︎3
★Water ▶︎2L
★Chicken bouillon cube ▶︎2
★Salt ▶︎1/4 teaspoon
★Sugar ▶︎1 teaspoon

~ Chicken milk soup ~

Chicken soup ▶︎as much as you have
★Milk ▶︎200ml ( about 7 fl oz )
★Onion ▶︎1/2
★Carrot ▶︎1/2
★Garlic ▶︎1 clove
★Potato ▶︎1
★Salt ▶︎1/3 ~ 1/4 teaspoon ( to taste )
★Pepper ▶︎a little ( to taste )
★☆Chicken bouillon powder ▶︎1/4 teaspoon ( to taste, if you have )
★Butter or oil ▶︎as needed ( to stir fry the vegetables )

~ Chicken tomato saute ~

Chicken soup ▶︎5 tablespoons
★Cooked chicken leg ▶︎3
★Garlic ▶︎2 cloves
★Celery ▶︎about 10g
★Onion ▶︎1/2
★Cilantro ▶︎as much as you want
★Canned tomato ▶︎1/2
★Salt ▶︎about 1/4 teaspoon ( to taste )
★Sugar ▶︎about 1/4 teaspoon ( to taste )
★Pepper ▶︎about 1/5 teaspoon ( to taste )
★Cheese ▶︎3 tablespoons
★Oil ▶︎as needed ( to fry )

How to make

① Put chicken legs and water in a pod and simmer it on low until chicken well cooked.
( It will take a lot of time. But it makes chicken soft♪ )

When you simmer it for a while, you will see scum.
Skim it when you see it.

When you don’t see the scum anymore, add chicken bouillon cube, salt and sugar.

Simmer it for 30 minutes more and then turn the heat off.
Rest the chicken until the soup get cold.

If you don’t have enough time to finish cooking everything, you can put this soup with chicken in refrigerator after cooled♪

※ Separate 5 tablespoons of this soup, for chicken tomato sauté.

② Let’s make chicken milk soup♪

Slice the onion, cut the other vegetables into small ( you don’t need to chop the garlic ) and stir fry them with butter or oil in a pod, until vegetables are well cooked.

Sprinkle some salt ( about 1/8 teaspoon ) to taste.

③ Add only soup of ① to ② and simmer on medium and bring it to boil.
Once boiled, change the heat to low, simmer for 15 minutes.

Add milk and put salt and pepper to taste.

If you want more taste, adjust with salt, pepper or sugar as you like♪

If you have chicken bouillon powder, try to add it.
It will make the taste even more tasty.

④ Let’s make chicken tomato sauté!

Take the chicken meat off from the bone.
The chicken is so soft so it’s very easy to take off♪

Slice the onion, chop the garlic and cut the other vegetables into easy to eat.

⑤ Warm the frying pan on medium heat, put oil and cook vegetables except cilantro, with a cover.
Once vegetables are well cooked, add canned tomato and 5 tablespoons of chicken soup, stir fry for 5 ~ 10 minutes, without a cover.

Sprinkle salt, pepper and sugar and check the taste.
If you think tomato is sour, stir fry a little more.

⑥ Add the chicken meat and cilantro to ⑤ and stir fry.

⑦ Trun the heat off and add cheese, mix them before it gets cold.

Check the taste and It’s all done♪
If you need more taste, you can add a little more salt and pepper.


You can boil the chicken if you want to make it soft♪

You can also make soft and juicy fried chicken to boil it!
We will introduce you how to make it when we made♪

About not using pork

We introduce recipes without Pork.

But we know pork is good for you!
It’s just not our favourite.
So you can try our recipes with pork or sausage, instead of beef or chicken♪

Try and arrange our recipes with foods you have in your refrigerator!
You might find good combination♪