We have left over rice.
What can we do with this?


We can put them in soup!
To put rice in soup and cook, the soup become moderately thick.


We like thick soup so when we make soup, we use some flour for the soup.
But if you put rice in the soup, you can make thick soup easy without flour!


We will introduce you this recipe with some vegetables we had at home.
But you can use any vegetables you like for this rice soup!

Let’s start cooking now♪


★Baby carrots ▶︎about 10
★Onion ▶︎1
★Mushroom ▶︎2
★Cilantro ▶︎as much as you want
★Water ▶︎400 cc ( 13.5 fl oz )
★Water ( again ) ▶︎200 cc ( about 7 fl oz )
★Left over rice ▶︎about 5 ~ 10 tablespoons
★Chicken flavor bouillon ▶︎2 tablespoons
★Salt ▶︎to taste ( about 1 teaspoon )
★Sugar ▶︎to taste ( about 1 teaspoon )[/char]

How to make

① Chop the onion and cilantro, and sauté only chopped onion until wilted.
We will use chopped cilantro in ④.

② Cut the mushroom and baby carrots into small pieces, and add in ①.

③ Stir-fry ② for 10 ~ 15 minutes, and add 400 cc of water, rice and chicken flavor bouillon, bring it to a boil and simmer it for 15 ~ 20 minutes.

④ Add  200 cc of water in ③ and bring to a boil again.
Add chopped cilantro here.

⑤ Check the taste and add some salt and sugar to taste.
Trun the heat off and make it cool.

To rest the soup for a while makes the soup thick.

Warm it again before you eat♪
If it’s too thick, add a little more water and adjust the thickness as you like.

It’s all done!


You can feel thickness and sweetness originated from rice!
If you like more thicker soup, you can add more rice.
Adjust as you like and make your own rice soup♪

About not using pork

We introduce recipes without Pork.

But we know pork is good for you!
It’s just not our favourite.
So you can try our recipes with pork or sausage, instead of beef or chicken♪

Try and arrange our recipes with foods you have in your refrigerator!
You might find good combination♪