Let’s make cheese hash brown today♪
I like cheese and potato combination!


Me too!
I think these two are the best combination too.

This hash brown is very delicious!
So I tend to eat it..


We have to be careful not to eat too much!


★Potato ▶︎2 ~ 3 ( about 400g )
★Salt ▶︎a little ( about 2/3 teaspoon )
★Pepper ▶︎a little ( about 1/3 teaspoon )
★Potato starch or Corn starch ▶︎4 teaspoons
★Cheese ▶︎about 5 tablespoons
★Oil ▶︎as needed ( to fry )

How to make

① Heat the half quantity of potato in microwave and peel its skin and smash it before it gets cold.

Chop other half quantity of potato into small pieces after peeling it.
You don’t have to warm this up.

② Mix all of ① and salt, pepper and potato starch or corn starch well.

③ Make flat round shape with ② and put cheese in it.



We made 2 types of hash brown, I put cheese in small round one, big one is without cheese.

④ Put oil in frying pan ( 2cm from the bottom of the pan ), and deep fry it until both side golden brown.

⑤ Drain excess oil with kitchen paper.

Place hash brown on plate and it’s all done!


You can put some ketchup on the side if you like!
This hash brown is delicious even when it gets cold♪