Let’s make homemade Hash Brown today!


You will know that the Hash Brown is much better if you make it at home!

Fry it before you serve!
So that you can eat hot and crispy Hash Brown!

Let’s make it now!


★Potato ▶︎2
★Salt ▶︎1 teaspoon
★Pepper ▶︎1/4 teaspoon
★Corn starch ▶︎2 tablespoons
★Oil for frying ▶︎as needed

How to make

① Wash the potatoes well and boil it from water for 30 ~ 40 minutes.

If you want to know how to make delicious boiled potato, check the bottom of this page♪

② When the potato becomes soft, put it in bowl and peel the potato skin, smash it with spoon before it gets cold.

Season with salt and pepper and add corn stark, and mix it.

③ Divide ② into small pieces of the same size and flatten it with your palm.

④ Put oil in frying pan about 2cm from the bottom of the pan and warm the oil on medium heat.

And then deep fry ③ until lightly brown.

⑤ Remove any extra oil with paper towel.

It’s all done!


Crispy outside and chewy inside!!
It’s so good!

How to boil potato


If you want to make delicious boiled potato, you need to boil it slowly from water.
If you boil it at a stroke with a high heat, the heat will pass by near the surface of the skin, and the middle part will be boiled without cooking through.


So boil it from the water, and keep the hot water temperature just before boiling, and simmer it over time.
The abundant starch quality will be saccharified and the sweetness of the potatoes will be maximised.

① Put potato in pot in a single layer, with quite a lot of water.

② Trun the heat on and bring ① to just before a boil over high heat.

When a large bubble starts to appear on the surface, it is on the verge of boiling!

③ Trun the heat lower and simmer it until the potato’s skin breaks or the potato become soft.
It will take for 30 ~ 40 minutes.

Depending on the size of the potatoes, it may take about one hour.

④ Peel the skin and season it before the it gets cold!