This recipe is so simple and it’s really easy and delicious!
You can make One-bite size Rusk only for 5 minutes!


You only use microwave and frying pan!
You don’t have to use an oven.
This recipe is also very useful when you have bread that passed the freshness date♪


By the way, how do you store leftover bread?

We store the bread in the freezer as it is with the bag.
The taste doesn’t change so much for about one week.

And when we eat, we thaw it at room temperature.


If you have leftover bread in the freezer, you can try this recipe!

Let’s make easy Rusk now!


★Bread ▶︎2 pieces
★Butter ▶︎1 tablespoon
★Sugar ▶︎1 tablespoon ~ 3 tablespoons
( adjust as you like )

How to make

① Dice bread into 2cm cubes.
Place them on heat-registant dish and heat it in microwave for 1 minutes to dry the bread.

② Take out ① and stir the bread, and put it back to microwave.
Heat it again for 30 seconds. If the bread is not dry yet, heat it 20 ~ 30 seconds more.

③ Put butter in frying pan and warm it.
When the butter melt, put ② in frying pan and intermix with butter.

④ Add sugar in ③ and sauté it until the surface gets brown a little.

It’s all done!


It is so easy, isn’t it?
You can enjoy crispy delicious Rusk so easily!

This is one-bite size so it will be good for small kids♪


If you want to arrange this recipe, you should try cinnamon + sugar!
I like this rusk with cinnamon more♪
But how about putting cocoa powder, Yuu??


Cocoa powder + sugar also sounds delicious, Mee!
Let’s try that next time!

You also can use salt and pepper or garlic powder for unsweetened rusk!
But it’s like croutons rather than rusk!


Try making your own Rusk♪