Let’s try to make Deep Fried Prawn with frozen shrimp today!


It’s so delicious with tartare sauce we made before!
But only the sauce mixed the same amount of mayonnaise and ketchup will be also good with this fried prawn♪


Let’s take a look how to make it now!


★Frozen shrimp ▶︎as much as you want
★Salt ▶︎1 teaspoon
★Flour ▶︎1 ~ 3 tablespoons
( We didn’t have all purpose flour so we used Self-Rising Flour )

★Beaten egg ▶︎1
★Bread crumbs ▶︎as needed
Oil ▶︎5 ~ 10 tablespoons
( Depending on the size of the frying pan you use )

The amount of oil put in first is about half the thickness of the material.
If it is too little, oil will be absorbed quickly and it will be easy to scorch.

How to make

① Put water and a little bit salt in a pod and boil it.
Once it boiled, put frozen shrimp in it and boil for 10 ~ 15 seconds.
And put them up to a colander.

② Fully dry the shrimp with kitchen paper and coat it with flour ▶︎ beaten egg ▶︎ bread crumb.

③ Put oil in a frying pan and deep fry for 1 ~ 2 minutes.
Turn it over and deep fry the other side for 1 ~ 2 minutes.


It smells delicious!

④ Drain excess oil with paper towel.
Change the paper towel at least twice.

Don’t forget to change the direction of the prawn and drain oil of the another side too♪
If you don’t drain excess oil properly, it will get fuzzy even if you fry well.

It’s all done♪


Let’s eat with tartare sauce or ketchup and mayo sauce!