It’s not cooking recipe today!
We will introduce you how to cut Nappa Cabbage!


You might not be interested, but give it a try!

If you cut Nappa Cabbage this way, even the core will be very soft and delicious!
I want you to try this cut especially when you make soup!


Strangely, the core will be thick in soup!
It’s really tasty!

Even veggie hater will love it!


It’s not difficult at all.
Let’s take a look at how to cut!

How to cut

① cut and divide Nappa Cabbage with green part and white part.

② cut white part into bite size pieces.

③ cut ② into thin strips along fibers.

④ you can cut green part into any size you want.


We cut Nappa Cabbage like this when we make soup


We were surprised when we first tried this cut!
Because the texture was totally different!


So we want you to try this too♪

How to keep Nappa cabbage longer

You might think Nappa cabbage is too big and you are worried if you can use it all before it goes bad?

There is a knack to make it last long!

Nappa cabbage is a vegetable that can be preserved long by handling well.
Every time you use it, peel off one by one from the outside and use it cleanly.

It will make the Nappa cabbage last for a long time without waste!


If you cut it, you can wrap it in a plastic wrap and save, but use it as soon as possible.
Because by cutting, it breaks down the fibber and make it spoil quickly from the cut.


The knack is to peel it off one by one and use it from the outside.
You don’t have to worry to waste Nappa cabbage anymore♪