Have you tried YAKINIKU?
It’s one of my favourite foods!

Yakiniku is the food that grill thin sliced beef and dipped in very tasty sauce.
The sauce is called Yakiniku no tare and it is a soy sauce based sauce.


The 『Yakiniku no tare』 is really good!
Just putting it on rice is good.
I can eat rice only with it, without beef!


Make the sauce and dip beef in it♪
You can enjoy Yakiniku at home anytime!


You can use the sauce for other dish like vegetable stir fry, fried rice, etc..
Let’s take a look at how to make it♪


★SOY SAUCE ▶︎3 tablespoons
★WHITE WINE (if you have) ▶︎1 tablespoon
★SUGAR ▶︎1 tablespoon
★APPLE JUICE ▶︎2 tablespoons
★CHILLI POWDER ▶︎1/2 tablespoon
★GARLIC (grating) ▶︎1 clove
★GINGER (grating) ▶︎1 clove
★ONION (grating) ▶︎1/4
☆WITHE SESAME ▶︎1 tablespoon
★☆SESAME SEED OIL ▶︎1 tablespoon

How to make

① put all ingredients expect ☆ (white sesame) and ★☆ (sesame seed oil) in a bowl.

② crash ☆ (white sesame) with finger and put it in ① and mix it well.

③ put ★ (sesame seed oil) in ② and mix it well.

④ transfer ③ to clean liquid preserving container.


It’s all done!
Better use as soon as possible, but you can keep this sauce for 4 ~ 5 days in refrigerator.

If it remains, you can use this sauce for other dish like vegetable stir fry, fried rice or other dish you like, to taste.

But you can also use this sauce to marinate meat!
If the meat is a bite-sie, it would be good to marinate for 10 ~ 15 minutes.
If you want to marinate thoroughly, you can marinate for over 1 hour!

This sauce will make the meat soft and delicious♪


We used 100% apple juice for this recipe, but you can use grating apple instead!