We use Miso for this dish!


Have you tried Miso?
Miso is one of the Japanese healthy and traditional seasoning!

Japanese make soup with the Miso. We call it Miso shiru in japan.
We often eat Miso soup, and I love miso soup!


If you have Miso, please try this dish with delicious Miso sauce!
But even if you don’t have Miso and you can’t make Miso sauce, you don’t have to worry!
You can use any sauce you like for this dish.


For example, you can use BBQ sauce or Tartare sauce!
It may be delicious even if you put cheese on this.
You can arrange this dish with any kind sauce freely!

Let’s start cooking!


ONION ▶︎1/2
PUMPKIN ▶︎about 2 inches
CARROT ▶︎1/3
SALT AND PEPPER ▶︎a little

~ Miso sauce ~

MISO ▶︎2tablespoons
MAYONNAISE ▶︎3tablespoons
WHITE WINE ▶︎1tablespoon
SUGAR ▶︎1teaspoon

How to make

① slice all vegetables and cut chicken in half.
Sprinkle salt and pepper on chicken a little.

② mix ☆ ingredients ( miso, mayonnaise, white wine, sugar ) together and make MISO sauce.
If you don’t use Miso sauce, prepare other sauce you want to use!

③ put aluminium foil on frying pan and then put Onion ▶︎ Chicken ▶︎ Vegetables ▶︎ Sauce

④ close the foil and fry with cover. Fry it over medium heat for 10 minutes.
when the chicken is cooked well, it’s all done!


Oh! I forgot to tell you!
Any vegetables are ok!

For this recipe, we use Green pepper, pumpkin, Carrot and Mushroom.

But you can use any vegetables.


Check in your refrigerator and if you have other vegetables of leftovers, you can use them!